Money is Energy

Your journey towards an abundance mindset begins now.

You were born to create abundance; you were born to live in a state of flow. Like everything we invite into and release out of our lives, money is a form of energy exchange.


When you uncover what motivates and drives you, all things are possible – love, growth and freedom. Now that you’ve completed the Sacred Money Archetypes Quiz and received

your full results, you’re ready to align with your deepest desires.

Five Steps to Money Flow

Shine the light, Investigate

Using the power of your own awareness to discover the tension and blocks you carry.

Identify and Voice It

Accurately voice what's inside of you to make it powerfully present.

Release, Renew and Create Space

Release negative thought patterns and create space for abundance.

Know Your Money Archetypes

Discover your top three Abundance archetypes and your unique money blend.

Create Your Money Future

Use your unique money blend to create a future that suits you.

Part One:
Exploration into your money mindset

Your first session with Julia incorporates the first three steps of money-flow-abundance.


Julia will begin by guiding you through a powerful meditation named the ‘Shiva Process Self-inquiry’, where the focus is on bringing awareness to any blockages and tension you are carrying within.


Through self-guided meditation, you will become aware of toxic thought patterns that you’re unknowingly replaying. Julia works with you on an intuitive level to help you become unstuck and open for change.


Once you’ve identified your limitations, you’ll then be invited to voice those limitations. This is a crucial step before you can begin to shift the tired energy that exists around your old money story. 

“You will be amazed at what behaviours you become aware of and can release”

Julia Renaud

Part 1

How the Shiva Process Self-inquiry works

Julia uses guided and healing meditations developed by her teacher Swami Shankarananda and adapts them for each client’s journey. Julia helps you work with your four primary energy (chakra) centres: the brow, throat, heart and navel. Your attention is then guided to any sensations that come up in your energy centres during your guided meditation.

During the session, you will gently unpack unwanted thoughts and feelings. This work helps to dissolve the stagnant and limiting energy that has become layered over time and contributed to your ‘money story’.

“We are simply shining the light within, and whatever comes up is valuable information that can be worked with”

Julia Renaud

Part Two
deep dive into your sacred money archetypes®

If you haven’t already – please complete the Sacred Money Archetypes Quiz® first.


Your deep-dive session is designed to help you make sense of your top three money archetypes and how they combine to form your unique ‘money personality’.

Your top three money archetypes reveal profound insights into your habits, behaviours and thought patterns around money. With Julia’s certified training and in-depth knowledge of each archetype’s nuances, you are guaranteed plenty of eye-opening ‘AHAH’ moments.

Part Three
Strategy Time

This is where all of your groundwork gets tied together. Julia will personalise clear and actionable steps to move you beyond your limiting money beliefs towards newfound financial freedom and abundance.

Julia coaches you on how to use the strengths of your key archetypes to achieve the most beneficial flow of money energy. You’ll be using your innate (archetype) strengths to your advantage, so the process should feel enjoyable and empowering.

It’s recommended that you leave no more than two weeks between each of your 90-minute sessions.

Create money-flow-abundance in your life today

Working with
Julia remotely

Julia is generous with her time and provides full support by email throughout your money journey.

Your sessions can be conducted remotely via Zoom, or in-person if you prefer. 

You are the master – Julia is the conduit. She allows herself to be guided by the thoughts and emotions that arise for you throughout your sessions. She facilitates discovering what is already within you and helps you channel it for greater financial empowerment.

Face Yoga

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Face Yoga

Coming soon

Julia has been practising face yoga since 2016 and has noticed incredible results.

Face yoga exercises work to improve muscle tone, enhance circulation to the face, neck, and head, and make a visible difference to the skin and contours of the face.


Julia has worked with a Swami and Shiatsu practitioner to learn the main acupressure points on the face. She incorporates the two ancient wellness systems – Shiatsu and ‘Marma Points’, alongside some basic massage techniques to customise her face yoga method.


All it takes to notice significant results is just five to ten minutes of practise daily.


It’s not just about your physical appearance. Face yoga works wonders for increasing your energy and vitality. Julia will include a guided wellness meditation to accompany her face yoga practice.

Face yoga with Julia is a holistically nourishing experience for your face and mind.