You have abundance inside you. It’s your very nature. Sometimes it can be clouded over by negative thoughts, old stories, worries and anxieties. My goal is to get you so powerfully connected that you never doubt who you are around money again.

“How we do Money is how we do Everything”.

Kendall SummerHawk

What does this mean? Before it exists as dollars and coins, money is an energy form that we hold inside of ourselves. It’s a creative force. There’s US, or the original essence of us and then straight after that there’s how we interact with the world. In that layer, money comes in because money is a form of exchange. And the energy we bring to money is similar, if not identical, to the energy we bring to our relationships, family, career and other areas of life. The insights you will gain through working with me can give you ‘AHA’ moments across the board.

Five Steps to Money Flow

  • Shine the light, Investigate

    Using the power of your own awareness to discover the tension and blocks you carry,

  • Identify and Voice It

    Accurately voice what's inside of you to make it powerfully present.

  • Release, Renew and Create Space

    Release negative thought patterns and create space for abundance.

  • Know Your Money Archetypes

    Discover your top three Abundance archetypes and your unique money blend.

  • Create Your Money Future

    Use your unique money blend to create a future that suits you.

Find Your Right Appointment

Schedule an Appointment

A Free 30 min Discovery Session

A free 30 min discovery session. Tell me what’s holding you back with money and see which in-depth session is right for you.

Energy Unpack

Here you will use Self Inquiry meditation techniques to powerfully unblock your money energy. This meditation works through 4 key energy centres in the body where you could be storing money blocks and sets them free.

Money Archetypes

Knowing your Money Archetypes helps unlock your abundance and boost your money confidence. I’ll guide you through an in-depth reading of how your Top 3 Money Archetypes work together. Tap into your strengths, identify your challenges and fully understand your unique Money Blend.

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