What’s Your Money Archetype?

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Let’s talk about Archetypes and why they are SO accurate in predicting our money behaviour.

What is an Archetype? They are ‘themes’ around which our awareness can identify itself. I like to think of them and as the ‘original pattern’ of our Being, our real personality. Archetypes have existed since ancient times all the way to the modern era, famously used in the work of Carl Jung.  AND they can be used when dealing with money!!

There are 8 Money Archetypes (developed by K.Summerhawk). Here they are (in no particular order of importance – just alphabetical):

The Accumulator

The Alchemist

The Celebrity

The Connector

The Maverick

The Nurturer

The Romantic

The Ruler

Each one has its own special strengths, gifts and challenges that it brings to money. We may be a combination of Archetypes.

It’s the Top 3 dominant ones that affect our behaviour with money.

How you operate financially is quite different to someone with a different Top 3. Why? Because each Archetype views money differently. The same financial or business opportunity would be perceived entirely differently by each of the 8 Archetypes.  For example:


An Accumulator dislikes being in debt of any kind. This is great in that they save their pennies for a rainy day and rarely waste money. However, it’s not so good if they want to expand their business. To do this they may need to take out a loan or have an overdraft and be comfortable carrying some debt. This takes them out of their comfort zone. An Accumulator may need to be ‘coached’ into business growth.

A Maverick, on the other hand is a big risk taker and very comfortable carrying multiple debts. This is great for entrepreneurship but can lead to precarious financial situations. The challenge for a Maverick is to create a base-line of financial stability to support their big ideas.


For a Nurturer, pricing is a painful, emotional issue. To ask for what they are worth requires every ounce of courage they possess. A Nurturer will typically under-price their services or even give them away for free! (Think of people you may know in the caring or healing professions. They may be seriously under-pricing their services.) A Maverick however, is exceptionally savvy about pricing. They know exactly what the market is prepared to pay and are not afraid to ask for it.

See the difference? So much variety.

Do you know what your Top 3 Money Archetypes are? Would you like to know? If you feel inspired to find out more, take the quiz. It’s simple and takes 10 mins.


Julia Xx

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