Sacred Money Archetypes®

Why it’s important to know your Money Archetypes

We all have a money story.  An archetype can be understood as a personality blueprint. Your money archetype reveals your money personality. As individuals, we identify with certain archetypes over others based on our past experiences, preferences and beliefs. When we uncover our Sacred Money Archetype, we shine a light on aspects of our personality that we may not have fully explored before. There are eight money archetypes, and each come with their own set of gifts and challenges. You are a combination of money archetypes, and your top three form your unique money blend. Understanding your unique money blend can help unlock your money blockages, creating the space and energy to manifest more abundance in your life.  The sacred money archetype quiz is revealing and insightful, and it’s the key to unlocking your unique money personality.

The eight money archetypes:

Each one has its own special strengths, gifts and challenges that it brings to money.You are combination of Archetypes. Your unique Money Blend is comprised of your Top 3 Money Archetypes. Knowing this is the key to unlocking your abundance and boosting your money confidence.

Take the quiz and find out your Top 3. The results may surprise you!

As a certified Sacred Money Archetypes® facilitator I love to help you discover your essence when it comes to money.

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