About Julia Renaud

Have you ever felt a feeling in the gut, heart, head or somewhere else in the body that you couldn’t explain? Especially when it comes to money? That was me.
All my years of study did not prepare me for dealing with the emotions and energy surrounding money. I studied Economics and Commerce at University, worked in the corporate world and later as a free-lance bookkeeper. But something was missing.

I went searching, lived in an ashram for years doing spiritual practice, meditation, yoga, the lot. I became a yoga teacher and worked in gyms, schools and offices. It was only after teaching yoga for years AND working with entrepreneurial and business bookkeeping clients that I saw the link.

Money is a form of energy. It resides in your Inner World. There are clues about how to expand it. I hope you will join me on this journey. I’m so excited to be combining the world of yoga and deep wisdom with the energy of abundance!