Meet Your Spiritually Grounded Money Mentor

Thank you for entrusting me as your money mentor while you embark upon the rewarding journey of uncovering your unique money story.


You’re here for a reason, and I understand this deeply, as I was once where you are now.


My life experience has brought me to a place where I can successfully guide you with intuitive and practical advice to help you bring about transformational life changes.


It might sound surprising to share with you that I, too, struggled with my own confusing and conflicting emotions surrounding money.

I spent years studying economics and commerce at university, followed by a corporate world career. I was pursuing the steps I thought I should take, compelled by a sense of obligation rather than a higher calling. 

After a few uninspiring years, I recognised there was a missing link. I felt deep dissatisfaction and unhappiness but was unable to pinpoint why. So, I went searching for clarification.

“I’m a yogini but very much a woman living in the world with the same ups and downs as everyone. My feet in two worlds. Embracing life. Grounded.”

I left the conventional world behind in pursuit of a higher spiritual calling. I joined an Ashram for five years, where my eyes opened to spiritual practice, meditation, self-inquiry and yoga.

Since my time in the Ashram, I have experienced the many highs and lows of what it means to be human. After my divorce at 36, I found myself a single Mum, having to rebuild my foundation once again.

I have been running Brahmani Bookkeeping for over 20 years now and practising yoga, meditation and self-inquiry for 25 years.


I was initiated into my yoga tradition lineage in 2018 when I received the spiritual name Brahmani Ma. ‘Ma’, meaning ‘mother’. ‘Ma’ is bestowed as a recognition of accomplishment and seniority in our yoga lineage and often  given to women who choose not to become Swamis.


Because I am a mother and wish to remain grounded in the world by running a family, home and business, ‘Ma’ is the perfect title for me. It’s given me further impetus to use everything I have learned to help others.


It was only after continual deepening of my spiritual practice, combined with my entrepreneurial drive that I saw the undeniable link – money is energy.

I believe in sharing this knowledge and supporting other women on their own money growth journey.


My goal is to help women overcome their mental and emotional blocks by leaning into their innate wisdom, becoming empowered and living a rewarding and fulfilling life at any age.

My spiritual teacher
Swami Shankarananda

Swami Shankarananda (Swamiji) has been successfully guiding students for over 45 years with warmth, humour and profound insight.


We first met in 1996, and I feel privileged to have spent five years as a resident of the Ashram, training under Swamiji. His teachings have been life-changing and I have continued to study with him for the last 25 years. I am a student of Swamiji for life.


Swamiji is regarded as an authority on meditation, self-inquiry and Kashmir Shaivism (a philosophy and practice of consciousness). His teachings are wise and practical. He helps to integrate spiritual practice into daily life. 


Swamiji developed the self-inquiry practice called the ‘Shiva Process’. I adopt and adapt the Shiva Process for each client that I work with.


The Shiva Process is inclusive of all religious and philosophical affiliations. The process aims to cultivate a deep understanding of oneself and find inner peace. Learning this method was the key that unlocked so much confusion and uncertainty about my own life.


For his contribution to the spiritual community, in 2010, he was recognised with the prestigious Hindu title ‘Mahamandaleshwar’, meaning ‘Great Teacher’.