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‘How we do money is how we do everything’

Kendall Summerhawk

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Julia Renaud is a Financial Empowerment Mentor for you and your money.
With 20 years’ experience teaching yoga and 18 years’ experience as a certified bookkeeper she understands money and energy.
Her work combines deep intuition with financial wisdom to help you unlock the key to your abundance.

Sacred Money Archetypes®

Who are you when it comes to money? Knowing this is the key to unlocking your abundance. Archetypes have existed since ancient times all the way to the modern era and they can be used when dealing with money. Tap into your strengths, identify your challenges, fully understand your unique Money Blend and how it works for you. Our online quiz is coming soon.

How I Can Help You

Get aligned with who you REALLY are.
Freedom, Love and Growth are not only possible but do-able when it comes to Money! The key is finding out what motivates you most. This is an Inner alignment, bringing you closer to your deepest wants. There is no right or wrong.
There’s knowing who you really are and moving from that space.

Money Energy Flow

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A Free 30 min Discovery Session

A free 30 min discovery session. Tell me what’s holding you back with money and see which in-depth session is right for you.

Energy Unpack

Here you will use Self Inquiry meditation techniques to powerfully unblock your money energy. This meditation works through 4 key energy centres in the body where you could be storing money blocks and sets them free.

Money Archetypes

Knowing your Money Archetypes helps unlock your abundance and boost your money confidence. I’ll guide you through an in-depth reading of how your Top 3 Money Archetypes work together. Tap into your strengths, identify your challenges and fully understand your unique Money Blend.