Creating abundance through inner wisdom

Get clarity around your money mindset so that you can confidently master financial control and manifest the life you desire

Move beyond your money blocks

Money can feel like a sticky topic.

You might feel you have a significant block around the subject of money and not fully understand why. 

How you create money and your ability to make more of it can trigger a feeling of anxiety and unease; that’s because your relationship with money links directly to your sense of self-worth and security.

As you transition from one life stage to the next, you may feel that time is running out and that you’re getting left behind without having achieved all you know you are capable of. You might think that your age and status are negatively impacting your financial opportunities. This is a limiting mindset and is only holding you back.

Your deeply rooted money beliefs are layered, often stemming from childhood related experiences. There are many factors contributing to how you view and reinforce your money story. This story isn’t serving you.

Once you harness this energy, you can use it to create abundance and financial freedom. As soon as you understand this simple yet powerful notion, then nothing is beyond your reach.

An abundance mindset

Your thoughts have a direct impact on your state of abundance.

You have an instinct that you are capable of achieving more in your life. You feel that if you had a greater understanding and control over your financial situation, then your ability to manifest more abundance in life would be easier.

We all carry old beliefs about money and our relationship to it. When you start to identify your thought patterns and behaviours around money, by learning your Sacred Money Archetype®, you can get clear on why you relate to money the way you do.

Understanding your sacred money archetype ®

We all have a money story. 

An archetype can be understood as a personality blueprint. Your money archetype reveals your money personality.


As individuals, we identify with certain archetypes over others based on our past experiences, preferences and beliefs.


When we uncover our Sacred Money Archetype®, we shine a light on aspects of our personality that we may not have fully explored before.


There are eight money archetypes, and each come with their own set of gifts and challenges. You are a combination of money archetypes, and your top three form your unique money blend.



Understanding your unique money blend can help unlock your money blockages, creating the space and energy to manifest more abundance in your life.

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Uncover your money story with Julia

The real power comes from uncovering your fears and blocks around money and understanding how these limiting beliefs form. Julia helps bring clarity as she guides you to dive deep within to look at your personality around money.


Working with Julia is more valuable than picking up a self-help book or participating in a generic online workshop that promises to help you achieve financial freedom. When you work one-on-one with Julia, you are getting personalised mentoring with a spiritual and practical approach.


Uncovering your money blocks doesn’t need to be a confusing and frustrating journey. When you invest in Julia’s help, you learn life-long skills that will forever alter your trajectory for abundance and success.

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